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Has anybody ever asked you what or how it’s like to be in the Social Media Scope? People may think Social Media Managers or Communities are very lucky as they get paid for spending time on Facebook and Twitter while others are being punished by their bosses for doing it at their workplace. But the truth is that a true social media manager has to work as hard as any other worker in a modern organization. This especially if she/he wants to see any positive results and grow in a professional way. So, let us introduce you a peak into a day in the life of Virginia Nam, Lucky Magazine’s Social Media Manager, presented by ICON’s Youtube Channel. Plus, 5 tips that will improve your tasks while you’re doing your everyday job.




Pamela Laines

Pamela Laines

Community Manager viviendo de la filosofía del: "Find a muse, be amused and as simple as that, become a muse"

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