Social network research in Centroamérica 2014

Social network research in Centroamérica 2014

Driven by the digital stream
The adoption of Internet and Social Networks in Central American users is moving full steam ahead. Seven out of 10 people in Central America state that the Web has become an
essential source of information.
In the last three years we have carried out this study at a regional level, and we have analyzed how this powerful digital engine, to which Central Americans have joined, has not
only managed to anticipate, but also to take a momentous course in the isthmus.
As you will learn in this research, factors such as speed and accessibility to connect from most places, affect when preferring Internet
as a privileged source of information for the citizens of Central America.
Every day the involvement with the media is larger and people proactively seek interaction with platforms that only the Web can offer, once again because they are more accessible
as well as dynamic, functional and effective.
The figures we share in this study, show that five out of ten Central Americans who use the Internet, not only are connected daily, but they do it several times per day. Something as momentous as this cannot pass unnoticed for brands, companies or media interested in establishing more successful communications and to address better to their target audience.
Meanwhile, online sales are also growing and consuming users begin to establish the Internet as the main research source for the acquisition of products and services. However, for most brands the Net remains as a difficult riddle to decipher. What is most troubling is that organizations have no idea of where the digital user goes.  Thus, a wide range of organizations or companies have purchased their ticket to board this digital stream, sometimes “pushed” by circumstances, without being fully aware of the nature of these new users and what is the best way to approach them. The cycle of digital evolution seen on the United States and other regions of the world, is finally being generated in the region, obviously with certain characteristics, based on the Central American culture. While everything is a cycle, we must learn from what has happened in other environments, to avoid making the same mistakes and move forward more effectively.

Due to all abovementioned, the desire came to perform and submit, in 2014, the new #RSCA Studio, with the purpose of providing valuable information that allows the benefit of great opportunities offered by Internet and its resources for organizations and brands, through data exposure on consumer behavior, likes, preferences and connecting options. #RSCA is a study conducted in five Central American countries. We performed the first study of this nature in 2011 and it was aimed only to Guatemala. A year later it was expanded to Central America, being this the fourth #RSCA launched officially by iLifebelt.

No doubt that Central America advances digitally. That is why, I invite you to take the challenge of strategically analyze the information on this study, in order to have more competent organizations in the use of
new media, and also to help our countries to continue evolving.


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